Don’t Be Fooled By “Free System” Offers

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“Free security system”? Read the fine print.

When someone offers you something for free, you’re generally going to end up paying twice as much in the long run. That’s how it is with a lot of “free security system” and “free installation” offers too.

Sure, the system or the installation may be ‘free.’ But to get it, you have to agree to two or three years of monitoring service — at a price that’s often more than twice the price and more of as DTN’s standard monitoring charge.

One big-name competitor offers a “free” system but charges between forty and fifty dollars a month to monitor — and locks you in for two years!

Your “free” system just cost you over a thousand dollars, and another five hundred-plus annually for every year after that!

Another name competitor offers “free” systems that don’t become legally yours at all till after you’ve paid $600 in related fees. If you change your mind or want to switch to another service, your “free” system goes straight back.

We charge a standard rate of $18.95. Period. No hidden charges. No bait-and-switch. We can’t: we live here in Rochester, and if our customers aren’t happy, they knock on our front door!

And if their home is broken into, or they need medical help, the call isn’t forwarded internationally to an anonymous corporate employee in a foreign nation thousands of miles. It goes to us — your next-door neighbor. And we contact the local fire or police or medical responders at once.

Get True Value For Your Dollar

You may hear that the security system a competitor offers is “valued” at nine hundred dollars or more. “Valued” by whom? Usually just by the competitor. We’ve replaced such systems, and in many cases the “value” isn’t a tenth of that.

DTN systems and services are highly valued too — by clients like the United States Marines, the U. S. Navy, Xerox, Pizza Hut, the George Eastman House, Red Wing Stadium, RIT, the Ginna nuclear plant, schools, churches, police — and even ADT and Simplex security systems!

No Pressure To Buy More

You also may hear that getting your “free” system won’t involve pressure tactics to get you to by more services or better more expensive systems. Don’t believe it.

DTN offers a wide range of services too. If you need medical alert services or a fire alarm, or if you need a system that monitors your basement to protect your home from flooding damage if you’re away for a few months, we can do that.

But we won’t call you up and subject you to hard-sell pressure tactics. We can’t. Unlike the big multinational companies, we don’t even have a marketing department or a sales force. Our business survives 100% thanks to positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

We won’t send a pushy sales force to bug you into buying extras you don’t need. We don’t have a sales force. What sells DTN security systems is our reputation.

So when you see the word “free”– shop around. Do a little math. Better yet: call DTN at 585-261-4480. really won’t cost you a cent. And it could save you several.


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