What Does It Cost?

If you switch to DTN from your current security firm, we can normally make the transfer at no charge and take up the monitoring rate at our standard rate of $23 per month — less than half of what you’re currently being charged now, in many cases.

If you purchase a system directly, our standard monitoring rate of $23 per month also applies — again, less than half that of many competitors.

If you have a home with no phone lines at all, we can install a completely wireless security system using radio communications. Rates for wireless begin at only $33 per month.

If you want a completely free system, installed at no charge, we can give you a completely free system and free installation too — but that means paying a higher monthly rate. Call us for a free quote — we can customize the price to suit you, as well as customize the system you choose.

How much does a system just by itself cost? That depends on whether it’s wired or wireless, whether you want to install it yourself, and how many additional doors or windows, if any, or special-case features such as medical alerts you may want to add. Systems and needs vary, so prices can vary too. But a panel alone is normally available for $200 or less, and can rise to $450 special features or extensive wiring installation are included.

Are our prices set in stone? Not always.  We know every home is different. We understand that security needs vary from individual to individual . And on occasion we can negotiate custom agreements best suited to your needs and financial situation. If you need security, call DTN: we can make it happen.

But whether you buy a system straight up and install it yourself, or whether you have us put it in at no immediate charge or cost, we stand by the DTN Pledge:

The Best Value — Guaranteed

DTN will match any competitor’s price and give you extra. Think you can get a better deal from a competitor? Bring us the offer. We’ll match it. And we’ll give you better or extra service on top!

Are you a member of Rochester’s Alliance Barter group? Call us. We’ll barter.

Do you want to try to install it personally? We’ll sell you the equipment and let you do it yourself, or stand by to help. Whatever you say.

Are you a family with a member protecting our nation in Iraq? DTN is owned and operated by a veteran, and we’ll give you security monitoring free — and we mean completely and absolutely free.

Maximum Affordability. Maximum Safety.

DTN is affordable because we’re a local, family-owned business. We don’t have a huge overhead, international offices, a big sales force, or massive marketing costs. All we do is put in great systems and respond to calls immediately.

We can do that better than any distant foreign-owned franchise, because we’re right here. We’ve helped make our community safer for over forty years, and our business has survived and grown because we based it on satisfying our clients.

Do lower prices mean bad service? NO! Take a look at our client list. Some of the biggest businesses, most prestigious organizations, and best known citizens in Rochester use DTN.

They use DTN because DTN supplies great service.

Call DTN today. 585-342-4480.

Your safety, and the safety of your family is priceless. But it can be affordable too.

Find out how. And find out how you can get the best security possible for the best possible price.

Call DTN today. 585-342-4480.